Belief Me—Purchase These 18 Boots


Trust Me—Buy This is a monthly series where our market editor Nicole Eshaghpour makes her favorite real-life fashion finds shoppable for Who What Wear readers.

Hello and welcome to another Trust Me—Buy This story! In case you’re new here, today I’ll be sharing my favorite items of the moment with more of a personal spin than your usual roundup. With a little help from my shopping-focused Instagram account, @trustmebuythis, where I post my own (mediocre) snaps of items I’m into at the moment, I get to both show and tell you about some of my most-loved fashion items in a range of categories. 

Next on the docket? Boots! After all, it is October, which means that not only should your fall wardrobe be well on its way to coming together (or at least getting close to it), but it’s also officially not too early to start planning for winter—and both seasons rely heavily on this one category of footwear. On that note, below you’ll find a few things. First, some of the pairs I’ve purchased in seasons’ past and am already bringing back in the rotation for 2020. Next, quite a few more new styles which I’ve been eyeing as of late and hope to narrow down for my own purchasing purposes soon. And, lastly, some real-life snaps that both show and prove just how obsessed with boots I really am, hopefully compelling you to simply trust me on this one. So to get started taking all of that and more in, keep on scrolling.


Melinda Martin