Bella Hadid wore so many sensational bikinis on her tropical birthday journey


Bella Hadid took us back in time with her birthday costume. After going to a salon to lighten her hair, the supermodel caught up with friends in Brooklyn, NY for an early birthday event. The model celebrated her 24th birthday for dinner a few days earlier with a small group of friends. She wore a long-sleeved dress with a white top and boyfriend jeans. Bella finished off her look with a black face mask and matching boots.

The supermodel carried the perfect birthday bag – a dazzling Alexander Wang bag similar to the one her sister Gigi Hadid recently carried for Zayn Malik's 27th birthday. Interestingly, Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi also owns the exact same Wang bag! The supermodel beamed when she went to the restaurant in the early 100s-inspired outfit. Inside, her friends decorated the dining table with glitter and of course tons of pizza. One of her friends showed the decoration with an IGS. It read: "happy bday @bellahadid our pizza queen."

Later on, the supermodel got on a private jet with her friends and headed for a tropical vacation. During the trip, she wore a striped halter top that shimmered in the light. She also packed a number of flashy bikinis, like a blue tie-dye bikini that she wore when hanging out with friends on Young Money's "Bed Rock" and an orange floral bikini.

Read on to take a closer look at all of her birthday outfits from every angle. Then shop for her exact sparkling bag from her pre-birthday dinner as well as similar picks.


Melinda Martin