Beyoncé is after all selling its new Ivy Park assortment in a placing British Vogue cowl


Beyoncé modeled Ivy Park in one of her three British Vogue Cover, and that's one way of promoting a new collection. Days after releasing her second sports collection at Adidas, Beyoncé was exposed as the star of the magazine's December 2020 issue and appeared in a 20-page fashion story filmed by 21-year-old photographer Kennedi Carter, who is now the youngest person to have shot a British Vogue Home page.

In her most colorful cover, Beyoncé wears a yellow Ivy Park jumpsuit, an oversized organza jacket and a matching bucket hat that doesn't seem to be available for sale, at least from now on. At $ 140 for the jumpsuit and $ 160 for the jacket, the look is definitely the cheapest of the three. However, it is not accessible as a large part of the collection sells out in a flash.

Another cover shows Beyoncé in an architectural black Alexander McQueen evening jacket with red accents, which, according to the brand's creative director Sarah Burton, was unexpectedly inspired by Welsh love spoons. "The heart is a universal symbol of strength and love," said Sarah British Vogue. "Beyoncé is an icon who inspires these two things in people of all ages around the world."

And then of course there is the last, extremely sexy cover by Beyoncé, which poses in a mesh body by Mugler. According to Creative Director Casey Cadwallader, the body, which consists of 64 panels, has been in the works since 2017 and the sewing ultimately took 100 hours. Casey said, "Beyoncé is our queen and this look suits a queen."

Take a closer look at all three of Beyoncé's British Vogue covers ahead.


Melinda Martin