Bradley Beal appeared depressing on the Wizards bench, which sparked a flurry of empathy on Twitter


Bradley Beal almost hit a breaking point on Tuesday.

That was evident when cameras showed Beal sitting on the bench in the final minutes of the Wizards' 107-88 defeat by the Rockets – a game where he played 35 minutes at team level, scored 33 points and 33 points scored brought five rebounds and four assists. (He and his teammate Russell Westbrook made 11 sales, however).

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Beal's frustration is understandable. According to ESPN Stats & Info, the two-time All-Star was only the sixth player in NBA history on Tuesday to score 25 points or more in the first 12 games of the season. Despite its average 34.1 points (at 45 percent shooting), 5.4 rebounds, and 4.8 rebounds per game, Washington struggles with a 3-10 record. That was marked by the loss of streaks from five, three and now two games.

Of course, Twitter quickly recognized the viral moment. However, with amazing empathy, most of the reactions were not negative (although some were a bit snappy).

Here is a selection of the best Twitter reactions after Beal's Moment of Depression:

Bradley Beal is so talented. Feels like a waste of a career. Doesn't he want to be in some games that I don't know are really important? #bealieve

– Colin Cowherd (@ColinCowherd) January 27, 2021

Free Bradley Beal Quickly !!!

– Marcelas (@MarcelasHoward) January 27, 2021

Bradley Beal deserved better than Washington, man.

Dude is going through it.

– Gene Henley (@ genehenley3) January 27, 2021


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