By 2030, H&M will only be using recycled materials, and Maisie Williams is making sure of that


“Looop it” is H & M’s new campaign to close the circle of fashion and formally commit to using only recycled and sustainably produced materials by 2030. The ambitious and critically needed initiative is being held accountable by brand ambassador Maisie Williams as one of the leading retailers in high street fashion is aiming for a truly circular fashion industry.

“I will work closely with experts from H&M to drive sustainability initiatives and shape the path to an accessible and circular fashion future,” said Maisie Williams in a press release. “The long-term goal is to use 100 percent recycled or other sustainable materials for textiles from all H&M Group brands by 2030. It is time to take action and create more sustainable production cycles to protect our planet for protect the next generation. “

“It is time to take action and create more viable production circuits to protect our planet for the next generation.”

If you’re new to the conversation about sustainable fashion and don’t understand what a circular fashion industry or “circularity” means, that’s fine. There are many confusing words and phrases in environmental protection that basically mean the same things in slightly different ways. Circular fashion or “circularity” means taking waste materials (like scrap cloth or discarded fishing nets) and turning them into new products (like sustainably produced clothing or environmentally conscious beauty packaging). A solution for all high-waste industries, circularity offers a new way to shop for our favorite trends while being greener at the same time. Circularity means that a dress or pair of shoes is more environmentally friendly, while “ethical” means that your preferred new purchase will also be friendlier to the people who made it. When something is truly “sustainable” it means that steps have been taken on the garment to minimize the exploitation of both people and the planet.

H & MX Maisie Williams’ commitment to “Looop it” includes a 2030 goal of using the brand’s fully recycled garments, as well as the launch of H&M Looop Island in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Tuesday April 13th . Garment Recycling Program, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can visit H&M Looop Island and convert their game outfits into new ones. “We at H&M are very ambitious to be part of this initiative with Maisie Williams to drive change in the fashion industry by encouraging our customers and fans to reuse, re-manufacture and recycle unwanted garments,” said Pascal, Global Sustainability Manager at H & M. Brun said in a press release. “The future of fashion has to be different and we want to be part of that solution.”


Melinda Martin