Celebs over 40 swear by these Holy Grail skincare merchandise


No matter how opulent your lifestyle or bank account, everyone ages – even celebrities. It is really a wonderful thing. After all, skin without lines and spots is by nature nothing "more beautiful" – all evidence of a great, expressive life that is well lived. However, it is important to have healthy, protected skin that exudes the youthful energy that you feel inside. Also, treating your skin well is a healing, self-care practice.

Celebrities are of little advantage in the skin care department because they have access to some of the best estheticians, dermatologists, and skin care products on the market. Over time, they will become better informed about the products they use on their skin than your average consumer.

To absorb a bit of this skincare wisdom from celebrities over 40, we did a bit of digging to find an assortment of products they admittedly swear by – cleansers, moisturizers, masks, and more, made by famous people with glowing skin like J.Lo being loved and Nicole Kidman. Scroll down to shop for nine skin care recommendations from celebs with beautiful, mature skin.


Melinda Martin