Charlie & # 39; s Angels type worst moments that made us miss the 2000s


I can't believe it has been 20 years since it was released Charlie & # 39; s angel. The film turned Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lui and Drew Barrymore into bonafide superstars. There were outfits throughout the film that were just as iconic as some of the scenes. If you just look back at her outfits, you can step right back to the early '00s with tube tops, kitten heels, and low-rise pants.

While they often changed disguises on their missions, they also wore a lot of fashion-related pieces, and that's what we're going to talk about here. Do you need an example? Let's talk about the outfit Cameron Diaz wore when he danced to Sir Mix-A-Lots "Baby Got Back". The actress' red, one-shoulder top and low-slung black pants will forever be anchored in my head (as will the song). Whether it's her love of leather or heeled boots, one thing is certain: there have been many scenes where we wished we could borrow her outfits.

Read on to see the best style moments in the film in honor of its upcoming 20th anniversary.


Melinda Martin