Christian Siriano despatched economical garments on his runway and now they’re obtainable for below $ 100


For Christian Siriano’s autumn 2021 collection, the designer and philanthropist decided to put used items on the catwalk. Returning to his roots, Siriano chose a fringed wool coat that he had designed seven years ago. “I was pleasantly surprised at how well the coat held up. It still looks new and the shape feels both modern and timeless,” he said to POPSUGAR – as well as a pink cocktail dress that spoke to his dreamy color palette. (Pink is also one of the leading trends for Fall 2021 – do you see fashion repeat itself?)

“Reuse and sustainability have become a natural part of my vision for this collection as I believe reuse will determine the future of fashion.”

With this decision, Siriano was simply doing what he does best – combining sustainability and positive brand values ​​through his presentation, as they are present in everything he does. The designer recently partnered with ThredUp to create the world’s first fuel-efficient logo, as we should all take pride in reducing our carbon footprint by shopping for vintage. Siriano then put this patch on his runway – it proudly fits the sleeves of the pink dress and black wool coat, of course – so his fans can see how he envisions the future of fashion. “I put the Thrift logo badges on the garments so they can be clearly seen in photos and for the attendees of my show. There’s no better way to wear sustainability on your sleeve than literally!” he said.

ThredUp is now reselling both items for less than $ 100. All proceeds go to the company’s Circular Fashion Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to tackling textile waste. “The incorporation of frugality was an essential part of my inspiration for this collection. I first imagined a dream world and thought about what fashion would look like in my imagination. Reuse and sustainability became a natural part of my vision for this collection because I believe that reuse will determine the future of fashion. I hope that the frugal runway looks and my fall collection as a whole will inspire people for years to come and show other designers that they can advocate reuse too. ”Said Siriano.

See the used parts on the runway in Fall / Winter 2021 and then be the first to shop. We suspect the dress and coat will go quickly. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that moment in fashion history when a great designer like Siriano takes the first step to encourage the industry to rethink the “novelty” and foundation of a fashion show?


Melinda Martin