Don't repair the HomePod Mini, simply purchase a brand new one


Last month, Apple announced the HomePod mini, a smaller and cheaper version of the HomePod for just $ 99. All in all, it's a pretty good deal, but in the event it ever gets damaged and you have to pay Apple to fix it, you might just want to buy a new model instead.

This is because, according to an Apple support document, the speakers will cost $ 79 to repair if you don't have AppleCare + coverage. Indeed, given that a brand new model costs $ 99, it seems like it would actually be better to just buy a new device instead. However, with AppleCare + it costs customers $ 15 upfront and an additional $ 15 per incident fee for up to two accidental damage incidents. This means that using AppleCare to repair the HomePod mini will cost + $ 30.

That being said, AppleCare + isn't free and we're not sure who thinks it necessary to purchase a coverage plan for a number of speakers. However, something to consider if you have children at home who may be less careful about handling the speakers. However, if you don't buy AppleCare +, as we said earlier, in the end it might be better to just buy a brand new device if it gets damaged.

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Melinda Martin