Dua Lipa's fishnet mini costume is cool, however her boots take it to a different degree


Dua Lipa showed off her * scary * side in an orange mini dress and announced two nominations for the AMAs Good morning America. I love that she went with an orange and black color scheme as Halloween is just around the corner. At first glance I had the feeling that her outfit looked like summer upstairs and winter downstairs, but the more I looked at it, I didn't mind – especially since I find it difficult to let go of the summer.It's already 40 degrees outside .

Dua's sexy orange dress featured mesh over an orange silk slip dress underneath. I love that the singer donned chunky gold chain necklaces and bracelets to tie her look together. For her boots, she opted for a pair of black leather thigh high boots with an interesting detail. Her tall boots had circular cutouts on the sides, which is a great way to pull them up. Read on to take a closer look at Dua's entire outfit. Then buy similar versions of their boots when you're feeling inspired.


Melinda Martin