Each trend particular person's closet accommodates this "blunt" sweater


Even the most stylish people we know don't have a closet in which every single item is a stunning, meaningful, more-is-more piece. If so, then how can you tell what's really special? As many fashion fans would agree, the basic, traditional, and yes so-called "boring" items we own are ultimately our closet MVPs that make an outfit look polished, sophisticated, and timeless. Do you need evidence? Check out the 21 best camel sweaters.

The reason a simple camel knit never goes out of style is because it's incredibly versatile. Wear it solo with your favorite jeans, or slip it into a textured suit set. Given its neutral hue that goes well with everything, the piece feels equally effortless with bright colors, prints, and interesting textures. If this makes a camel sweater seem boring, contact us.

If your wardrobe doesn't have one yet, buy our current favorites below.


Melinda Martin