eight Easy Outfit Recipes California Ladies Can't Cease Carrying


Ever since you clicked into this story, you've probably gotten into the Californian style, maybe even more recently than before. Given that the pandemic has changed the way we dress, the laid-back and casual atmosphere the West Coast is known for has never been more appealing than it is now. People turn to California girls for inspiration from their simple yet stylish outfit.

In my opinion, the best thing about the California girl aesthetic is that it is casual but never boring. A balance that I know I always strive for nowadays. That's why I dive into the easy outfit recipes that they seem to love enough to wear over and over again. I've seen California fashion girls wear these combinations all over my feed, but I can also attest to seeing these looks during my six-year stay on the sunnier IRL coast.

If you're ready for a roundup of inspiring California outfits, these nine are the place for you.


Melinda Martin