eight methods with out growing older that I comply with in winter


As a 34 year old, I would be lying if I said that dressing to look a little more youthful is not something I have thought of a lot … especially in winter. The bulky layers and dark colors that are so common this time of year tend to be quite old. When I lived in Los Angeles (from 2009 to 2015) I didn't have to think much about this topic, but now that I'm a bit older and live in North Carolina, where it's surprisingly freezing cold, I've had skills to develop that prevent my winter wardrobe from accidentally aging me. The good news is that these "tricks" are subtle. Some are as easy as avoiding certain colors near my face and others are as easy as rearranging my shoe choices. Keep scrolling to check out my tricks and buy parts that I rely on in winter for their non-aging powers.


Melinda Martin