Every time somebody asks me what fragrance I’m carrying, it’s nearly at all times this model


Not to numb my own horn, but over the years I've developed a kind of talent when it comes to perfume-induced compliment quotients. Part of my job is to test practically every new fragrance that hits the market, and anyone close to me in life can testify that my desk (RIP), vanity and dresser are so full of bottles and jets are that you can i don't even see land. (You literally need a compass and treasure map to find an open space.)

Of course, I have personal favorites and signatures that I'm particularly interested in, but most days I experiment with a completely new fragrance. And trust me. When you get around scent circuitry so much, you notice patterns and coincidences when wearing certain brands or fragrance families. For example, if I wore a different perfume every day for a month, the vanilla-infused fragrances would get me the most admirable comments and exclamations like, "Oh my god, what are you wearing ?!" I've also noticed that every time I wear perfume from the legendary Italian brand Gucci, I also get compliments. (Compliments aren't everything, of course. If I love a perfume I'll wear it regardless of what others think, but it's special, just smelling damn adorable, isn't it?)

With a lot of questions lately about my favorite Gucci perfumes, I've compiled a star list that includes 10 of the brand's standout perfumes. After rating my own favorites and taking into account the ratings and ratings at top retailers, I'm pretty confident that these are the best Gucci perfumes ever. Keep scrolling and select your poison.


Melinda Martin