Facebook buys the developer behind the VR shooter ‘Onward’


After a steady stream of studio acquisitions in late 2019 and early 2020, Facebook has been a little quieter in recent months when it came to expanding its VR content arm.

Today the social media giant interrupts this stream and announces the acquisition of Downpour Interactive, the developer of the popular VR first-person shooter Onward. Available on the company’s Rift and Quest platforms as well as Valve’s Steam store, the title has been one of the top virtual reality sellers in recent years.

Facebook says the title will continue to be available on non-Facebook VR hardware in the future.

It’s an interesting deal, especially after the company’s recent attempt to create its own ambitious first-person shooter that works with Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment and is pouring millions into a Medal of Honor VR title that will be released upon its release was lukewarm by reviewers last December.

Facebook did not disclose the terms of the downpour deal, but did note that the entire team will be moving to Oculus Studios. In a blog post detailing the deal, Mike Verdu, VP of AR / VR Content at Facebook, described Onward as a “multiplayer masterpiece”.


Melinda Martin