FDA Approves Apple Watch App to Assist With PTSD Nightmares


There are many reasons why people suffer from PTSD and sometimes they also get nightmares while sleeping as a result of PTSD that are related to it. There are of course ways to treat these types of symptoms. However, if you own an Apple Watch, you might be interested to know that the FDA recently approved an app to treat these nightmares.

The app is called Nightware and is currently only available on the Apple Watch. The app relies on the Apple Watch's built-in sensors to detect and monitor the person's sleep such as body movement and heart rate. Based on the data, the app can then tell if the person is experiencing a nightmare and use vibrations in the clock to wake the sleeper but not completely wake them up with the idea that it will help to break those nightmares, but to maintain sleep.

It is currently a prescription app and part of a strategy that includes medication. While it won't necessarily cure PTSD, it will at least allow those who suffer from it to get a good night's sleep. So far, a study with a control group found that the app led to better sleep quality. As we said earlier, this isn't necessarily a cure, but it could still have useful benefits.

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Melinda Martin