Fran Drescher just brought back this iconic ’90s outfit from the nanny


While Cruella is one of HBO Max’s newest hits, you can never go wrong with one of the most classic offerings on the network: The Nanny. I really enjoy reliving the banter between Niles and CC, the tension between Fran and Mr. Sheffield, and of course all the amazing 90s outfits.

As it turns out, Fran Drescher can’t get enough of the show’s memorable fashions either. She recently revived Fran Fine’s iconic Moschino vest with rainbow stripes to promote the Fran Jam Music Festival, which will be broadcast on June 20th in support of her nonprofit Cancer Schmancer. She added a 2021 twist in the form of a sleek black turtleneck sweater instead of the OG blouse with statement sleeves. Fancy. Scroll down to see the look 27 years later and revisit The Nanny’s Best Outfits.


Melinda Martin