From Biden’s Inauguration to the Bed room, Chrissy Teigen Cannot Stop Her Gucci Tights


Chrissy Teigen is determined to get the most out of her fancy fishnets. The model and culinary entrepreneur recently wore a pair of printed, logo-covered Gucci tights while in Washington DC for Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration — despite, mind you, decidedly chilly weather. “Was 35 degrees but I bought these tights the month quarantine started and I am tired of f*cking around,” Chrissy wrote on Instagram. About a week later, Chrissy again wore the tights (and the tights alone) to lounge around in bed with John Legend. With a price tag of $120 per pair, we don’t blame her one bit.

Chrissy’s exact tights appear to be so popular, they’re currently sold out everywhere online, but browse similar Gucci stockings and other affordable options ahead.


Melinda Martin