Gators' shoe thrower joins an extended checklist of coaches and gamers who toss issues in video games


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At least Florida Gators and Marco Wilson have company.

The Gators cornerback had a major one-on-one against LSU Tigers' Kole Taylor, with the Tigers facing a long fourth deficit towards the end of the fourth quarter of Saturday's game in Gainesville, Florida. To celebrate, Wilson threw Taylor's shoe and was punished for unsportsmanlike conduct. It kept the LSU going and the Tigers kicked a field goal that would make all the difference in the 37-34 game.

On loan from Austin Powers: "Who's Throwing a Shoe? Honestly."

The stubborn footwear and loss cost the Gators a chance in the college football playoff. However, it is nowhere near the first object to be celebrated or angry at a sporting event. Wilson isn't even the most famous gator known for throwing a garment. Former Florida coach Steve Spurrier has at least two Twitter handles for his visors, which he was famous for when something wasn't going his way.

Others throw shoes

Demarcus Cousins ​​wasn't happy after getting a technician for knocking a shoe off the court late in the fourth quarter.

– ESPN (@espn) February 26, 2019 AP Photo / David Kohl

The cutest of Lous

In 1990, then-Cincinnati Reds manager Lou Piniella set the standard for managers who toss things when, after an argument with a referee, he pulled the first base out of the ground and then tossed the base into right field. As the manager of the Seattle Mariners, he threw his hat and a base.

Then he got mad at a third base umpire with the Chicago Cubs and then threw and kicked his cap.

Lou Piniella's first expulsion as manager of the Chicago Cubs was sure to be fun.

– Bleacher Nation (@BleacherNation) April 13, 2020

The then Pittsburgh Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon was certainly inspired by Piniella in 2001 and was annoyed about two close-outs on the first base. He argued and was thrown out, but instead of throwing the base onto the field, he took it to the dugout.

In 1993, Hal McRae, the then manager of the Kansas City Royals, wasn't happy that his team had dropped to 7-12 after losing to the Detroit Tigers. The post-game press conference was held in McRae's office and a reporter asked a question the manager didn't like. McRae went into a fit of anger and started tossing everything off his desk. He hit a reporter in the face with his phone and drew blood.

Anything but throwing baseball

If you thought only managers would get angry and toss things, you would be wrong. Greats like Roger Clemens and Torii Hunter got involved in the fun.

Torii Hunter loses his cool (and clothes) in the EPIC tirade:

– MLB (@MLB) June 11, 2015

take place

In 1985, Indiana Hoosier's trainer Bobby Knight was notoriously enraged at officials and threw a red chair across the square. But he's not the only athletic figure to throw a seat (and pro wrestling doesn't count).

It is almost more impressive to move several people from a long wooden bench to throw them onto the ice.

Lane Kiffin knows what's coming

Make sure the clipboard rises.


???? |

– Ole Miss Football (@OleMissFB) November 15, 2020

Chiefs misbehave

Marcus Peters has enough

– Cameron DaSilva (@camdasilva) December 3, 2017

Travis Kelce was ejected for throwing in towel on the official

– Wikinger Blogger (@firstandskol) November 6, 2016

The biggest manager breakdown

It's one thing to throw a shoe. It is a different matter to attain immortality.

Phil Wellman, then manager of the Mississippi Braves minor league, was furious with the referees for throwing his pitcher out of the game for using a foreign substance. Wellman went out to protest the call and covered the plate with dirt. He took the third base off the ground and tossed it across the field before crawling to the Thrower's Hill. He threw a rosin pouch at a referee as if it were a hand grenade and pretended to eject the referees. He eventually went to the outfield with two bases in tow.

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