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Golf Majors Season in Full Swing

May 28

With US PGA out of the way and the Masters up next, it pays to understand what to expect if ever you're keen on testing the waters on the golf betting markets!

Golf can be a troublesome sport to bet on if you don't know what you're doing. There are many weather conditions which can affect gameplay. Each golfer has their own style of playing and the unique conditions they play in can see the action vary wildly from competition to competition. Because of this, it is always handy to take on some expert advice before you bet on golf.

The following tips should help you improve your chances and become a more experienced and skilful golf bettor at the world's most reliable online sportsbooks.

  • Research Your Courses

    Each golf course has a unique layout. Hilly, woody, sandy, smooth, and rough; there are multiple types of terrain that golfers must deal with. The position of bunkers and ponds, fairways and the greens add to the challenging nature of each course. Always do your research and study the courses before you decide to bet on events taking place at them, so you know what to expect.
  • Avoid the Favourites

    As counterproductive as this sounds, it is good advice. Golf is notorious for being a sport where a relatively low-ranked golfer can perform out of the blue and stir things up. It is also tricky to back a single golfer over what is essentially a multi-day event. If you do wager on a favourite, do not bet heavily on them.
  • Learn About Golfers

  • What do you know about each golfer’s strokes, favoured conditions, how they put, and how they choose their clubs? This information can be considered useful if you want to understand why some golfers perform better than others. Take the time to learn about the main golfers of the day before you decide to have a punt on one.
  • Check the Weather Report

    The weather will always wreak havoc with a game of golf. We are not talking about rain or heat here, but more about wind. The wind can throw even the best golfers off their guard. Have a look at the weather report before deciding to bet on golf.
  • Back Multiple Entrants

    Having an each-way bet is not a bad idea when it comes to golf betting. If there are two heavy favourites to win, it may be worth exploring this option. Of course, it can also be rather profitable to back a winner and an up and coming star as you will get longer odds on the latter.
  • Check for Value

    Whichever way you decide to bet, you need to make sure that you get value for money. Consistently picking the shortest odds might see you win more, but not very much. At the same time, backing underdogs will rarely see you win, even if you are likely to get longer odds. There are often dark horses out there which represent great value for money, with tidy odds and a fair chance of success. These are worth exploring.

We sincerely hope this has helped give you a steer in the right direction if you're in the mood for a punt on one of the majors! Even if you're not, we hope you enjoy watching it on your TVs.

With no crowds in attendance this year, the roar of the 18th at Augusta will be lacking but we'll be glued to our screens nonetheless!