Google House Max has formally retired


When smart speakers were introduced, no particular emphasis was placed on the sound quality of these speakers. After all, their main purpose was to act as a hub for controlling smart home objects in the household, among other things, so the best audio quality was not the focus.

However, we found companies paying more attention to these things, resulting in devices like the HomePod and the Google Home Max where the selling point was the sound. Unfortunately, if you're a fan of the Google Home Max, Google seems to be done with the speakers and will officially shut it down, according to a report from Engadget.

Google announced the release that the device is no longer in production and the remaining units have since sold out. Google will continue to support current owners for the foreseeable future. If you own it, don't worry about it.

According to the company, "existing Google Home Max users shouldn't worry because they won't see any change in their service." We will continue to offer software updates and security fixes for Google Home Max devices. We strive to bring great sound and functionality to all of home audio for all of our Assistant-enabled products. "

For those looking for similar speakers, there's the Nest Audio, which is designed to deliver higher quality audio in a smaller package so it might be worth checking out too.

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Melinda Martin