Gwen Stefani's stylist reveals the key behind her iconic seems: "Virtually all the pieces is tailored"


Gwen Stefani wants to introduce herself again, and we are all ears. With their latest single "Let Me Reintroduce Myself" paying homage to some of their most iconic eras, we felt it appropriate to revisit Gwen's most iconic looks. We spoke to her stylist Sonja Christensen, who is responsible for some of Gwen's most memorable outfits, including the sheer black mesh dress by Charbel Zoe Couture The voiceThe finale was just b-a-n-a-n-a-s. When Sonja talked about this dress, she realized that it was actually her favorite look on the red carpet. “We added a lot of extra details to this dress (with the designer’s permission, of course). The dress was beautiful and she looked absolutely stunning,” she said.

How Gwen's style has evolved over the years, Sonja said: "Starting in the 90s compared to today, I would characterize Gwen's style as a beautiful development; a mixture of pop, punk, a touch of country meets high fashion and a bit sexy. As she has evolved as an artist, so has her style. She has really embraced her feminine side and iconic tomboy style from back then. She added more pink, a bit of sheen and fringes. Gwen is not scared from taking risks, which is why she's the style icon she is today. "

"Almost each of the pieces (Gwen) has some kind of adaptation. Just like her, each piece is unique!"

Sonja confirms that almost every outfit that Gwen wears is unique in some way. "Almost every piece (Gwen) has some kind of adaptation, so that every piece is unique just like her! Gwen and I recently worked together on an individual look for one of this season's blind shows The voice. Her vision was a sparkling superhero vibe. I contacted Traver Rains, who was officially the designer for Heatherette, and Ske Drynan of Dulce Bestia, both of whom were quarantined in Montana at the time. They didn't let that stop you! They got to work and started sketching. I had time with Gwen while she was in Oklahoma at the time and showed her the decorations and materials and we would tweak things along the way. After four consecutive fixtures in LA, it came out just as we imagined! "

With Gwen sporting a variety of designers over the years, we had to wonder if the singer had any favorites. "The cool thing about Gwen is that she is honest about trying anything as long as it looks good. She loves Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared2, Ronald Van der Kemp and Zuhair Murad," Sonja told POPSUGAR.

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