Harry Kinds talks about his personal rattling trend guidelines within the Stereotype-Smashing Vogue interview


Harry Styles is the first man to show up Fashion& # 39; s cover solo, and I couldn't think of anyone more worthy of the honor. As the focus of the December 2020 issue of the magazine, the singer-songwriter posed for an absolutely delightful fashion spread and talked to journalist Hamish Bowles about an equally delightful interview about his music career, how he has stayed healthy lately (note: hanging out with friends ) (take long drives and meditate) and of course his unique fashion sense.

Harry's love of dressing dates back to his childhood. His sister, Gemma Styles, revealed that her mother often outfitted her in homemade ensembles that Harry "always fell in love with". He said Fashion"As a kid, I definitely liked costumes." He remembered wearing tights for a school play and added, "I remember it was crazy for me to wear tights. And maybe that's where it all started." Oh the things I would do to see photographic evidence of a little baby Harry was wearing in his school clothes as he took the stage!

Fast forward to seven years ago when Harry met the stylist Harry Lambert and his personal style developed quite a bit, transforming him from a hoodie-sporty boyband superstar to a Gucci-loving pearl necklace-wearing sweater and vest fashion icon that we know and love today . "You can never be overclothed. There is no such thing," said Harry. You know he means that with all his heart – who remembers their gold accented jumpsuit at the 2020 BRIT Awards? Or the bright yellow Marc Jacobs suit and the tulle scarf that he later wore at the same award ceremony? This man is always dressed up to nine.

"… when you get something that makes you feel great, it's like a superhero outfit. Clothes are there to have fun and to experiment with and play with."

In addition, Harry feels 100 percent comfortable when he gives outdated gender norms the middle finger and confidently wears clothes in his music videos and transparent blouses on the red carpet – why not? "Now I put on something that feels really extravagant and I don't feel crazy wearing it," he said Fashion his bold fashion choice these days. "I think when you get something that makes you feel great in, it's like a superhero outfit. Clothes are there to have fun and to experiment with and play with." Speaking of the blurring of labels in fashion, he added, "If you take away" There are clothes for men and there are clothes for women ", you are obviously opening up the arena to play in once you clear all the barriers remove you are building barriers in your own life, you are only limiting yourself. It is so much fun to play with clothes. "

This love of experimentation certainly seemed during his Fashion Cover shoot. Harry was designed by Camilla Nickerson and supported by Harry Lambert. He slipped into a range of designer outfits including a ruffled lace-trimmed Gucci dress, a Comme des Garçons Homme Plus kilt, and a bespoke Harris Reed outfit with a tulle and cage-like skirt. Check out a few snaps of the upcoming series, then head over to to see the rest of the photos and read what else Harry had to say about his career, personal style, and more.


Melinda Martin