Hilary Duff's model for children is the following finest since Lizzie McGuire


Hilary Duff is an on-screen style queen. When we grew up we all copied their looks Lizzie McGuireand now we're doing the same with their TV Land Show Younger. The series follows a single mom named Liza (Sutton Foster) who is re-entering the NYC publishing industry, and while there's plenty of exciting drama going on, it's the incredible fashion that always gets our attention. That shouldn't come as a surprise, of course, as the series was created by Sex and the City Mastermind Darren Star.

While each character on the series has their own look, one of our favorites has to be Duff's character Kelsey Peters, a book editor who befriends Liza. Just like her iconic Disney Channel character Duff & # 39; s Younger Character has a preference for bright colors, bold prints, and flashy ensembles. Her outfits on the show are basically a grown-up Lizzie with a town-girl flair. We may not be able to see Lizzie's style after the Disney + restart is canceled, but her outfits are on Younger are the next best. See some of their best looks ahead.


Melinda Martin