H&M has simply began this gorgeous hoodie development


There's something very comforting about a hooded sweatshirt. I think I like the ability to hide or warm up my ears at any time. But the point of this story isn't all about using a hoodie (my favorite is protecting my hair from the backs of airplane seats, what's yours?). The point is, H&M has so many good, cheap hoodies that I really don't feel the need to buy them anywhere else. That's exactly what I was doing recently when I noticed a subject …

H&M does awesome hoodie styling these days. I just kept hanging my cords, but now I see that I did everything wrong. H&M had fun with both the zipper and the sweater, tying the strings in pretty bows and knots. First and foremost is my favorite: Tie the strings of an unzipped hoodie in a bow. Thanks to H&M, I may never resort to hanging hoodie strings again.

Scroll down for all of the pretty hoodie string ideas and shop for my favorites.


Melinda Martin