HomePod Mini customers are experiencing connectivity points


Apple's HomePod mini seems to be off to a good start, at least in terms of initial demand. Given that the previous HomePod could almost be viewed as a flop, this is a nice change for Apple that could help them get a bigger drop in market share. However, it seems that despite the positive start, not all users are having a good time with it.

According to various reports posted on the Apple forums, quite a number of HomePod Mini users appear to be experiencing connectivity issues. One post stated: “I am having problems with the HomePod mini not connecting to the Internet. My other HomePods have no problem when I ask a question, and so on. However, when I ask one or both of the HomePod minis it says, "I'm having trouble connecting to the internet."

Apple has recommended that users restart their devices or, in some cases, do a factory reset. Even then, some users claim that this is a temporary solution as the problem will eventually come back. There's a good chance this is likely due to a software problem and not hardware. Hopefully Apple will have an update ready in the near future that can fix the problem.

Not all HomePod mini users are affected, and we're not sure how widespread it could be. So if you have no problems then you can ignore this. However, if you have connectivity issues, you are not alone.

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Melinda Martin