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How To Wash Corduroy Trousers

Sep 1


Corduroy is such an amazing and unique fabric – it would be a great shame to go and ruin it in the wash! A lot of individuals purchase corduroy trousers without knowing how to wash them – and then are left feeling devastated when they haven’t lasted as long as they should have. In this blog, we’ll go through how to wash corduroy trousers so that you can keep them as long as possible and have them looking the best that they can. We’ve written a step-by-step guide below to help you find out the best way to wash corduroy trousers.


  1. First off, tun your corduroy trousers inside! This is a really important step that a lot of people choose to miss out because they’re not sure what benefit it adds. By turning them inside out, it means that the delicate pattern and texture can be protected when being thrown around in the washing machine. As well as this, corduroy material tends to pick up a lot of lint which can be a nuisance to try and remove afterwards. Turning them inside out means that you can avoid getting any of this on your trousers.


  1. Next, try to avoid putting your corduroy trousers in with a big load of items that produce a lot of lint. Although turning them inside out will help – if you put them in with a whole load of fleecy items, you might find yourself in a bit of trouble afterwards.


  1. Read the label on your trousers before you put them in the wash. We know that this is something you hear all of the time, but you really should check. It’s important to know if the fabric is safe to put in a washing machine and what temperature is best to maintain the feel and colour of your corduroy trousers. As a guide, choose a cooler wash if your trousers are a darker colour and a slightly warmer wash if it’s a pastel or cool colour.


  1. Once washed, you can choose to either tumble dry them or hang them on the line (if the sun is out!). If tumble drying, you should do this on a very low setting and not for a long period of time. If left in for too long, corduroy material does have a tendency to shrink.


  1. When you remove the trousers from the tumble dryer, shake them out to get any mild creases out. You shouldn’t have to iron them at this point as the heat from the tumble dryer would have done a lot of that for you. If you find that your trousers have attracted a little bit of lint, it may be worth purchasing a lint roller to remove this after they have been washed.


We hope this guide leaves your corduroy trousers feeling comfortable and soft for as long as possible. If you can take one bit of advice away from this blog – please read the label before you wash!