I am in My 60s, and These Are the Fundamentals I am Looking for at Nordstrom


Age clearly has absolutely nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t buy. That said, we often turn to women in the over-40 bracket, in particular, for some of those especially primo shopping recommendations given their fashion expertise in building well-rounded wardrobes over the years. While we recently highlighted the knit-wear sets and wardrobe basics women over 40 are gravitating toward at the moment, we thought you’d be curious about the pieces this set is specifically shopping for at one of our (and probably your) go-to retailers: Nordstrom.

And to dive into the matter, I decided to tap my stylish 60-year-old mother to give insight into the basic trends she and her friends are currently on the hunt for at Nordstrom—the retailer she loves because “they have everything for anyone with any style.”

Curious about her shopping list? Keep scrolling to check out the closet essentials she’s stocking up on, along with inspired shopping picks for each that could work for anyone at any age.


Melinda Martin