I attempted 60 samples of high-priced magnificence merchandise in 30 days – here’s what I might purchase


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I should probably be clear first: even before quarantine, 50% of my job consisted of unpacking, testing, checking, and retesting beauty products. This is not a luxury that I take lightly and while it may seem like an everyday chore, my colleague, Beautyney, Courtney, and I take great pride in our ability to test and provide thoughtful feedback. (We literally get hundreds of packages a month for you to understand how this is a big part of our job!) Some of that feedback is just between the two of us at Slack, some goes to a brand's PR team, or even its CEO , and most of the time it comes straight to you!

With so many swipes and swatches under my belt, it takes a lot to impress me, and I have admitted more than once that I am a bit worn out from the spate of smoke and mirror product launches in the beauty industry. When a product really cuts my socks off it feels like a big deal and I can't wait to share every detail.


Melinda Martin