I attempted Banana Republic together with True Hues face masks


I remember when Kim Kardashian's Skims launched a collection of seamless face masks. I thought they looked like seamless shapewear. very in line with the brand but wasn't sure I would like to wear it on my face. My style of face masks is bold and bright. I like them sparkly and themed for the holidays or luxury when I want to indulge myself. As a person who loves mixing bold prints and patterns, I often throw caution to the wind when it comes to matching my masks together. However, when writing summaries of the great offerings at Banana Republic and their various masks, I kept coming back to the brand's True Hues masks. I liked the way the colors were presented and the variety, even the name – "True Hues" versus the non-inclusive "bare" phrase; I rarely find that the color nude applies to my nude. The reviews were great so I gave them a try!

I chose two. One for me and one for my partner as we have different skin tones. I wanted to see how they measure up. I think I got pretty close to him in Sonoran Beige, but not exactly for me in Star Anise Brown. When I order from the Banana Republic website there are a good number of models in the different colors so I could gauge how different colors would look on me. If I didn't match my exact skin tone with the True Hues mask, it worked better for me. I didn't really want my mouth to go away the way nude seamless underwear creates that barbie effect. Star Anise Brown is a gorgeous chocolate rich color that turns out to be a great earth tone for fashionable looks.

For my partner Michele, his mask, which was closer to his skin tone, reminded him of hosiery and he didn't like the look. But he loved the design – it's big for him as he works in fashion in Italy – and he appreciated the breathability! The adjustable tabs behind the ears were a big deal for him as he's a self-proclaimed "big face" person. With a metal pin around the nose and pockets to insert a filter, this mask is light and very comfortable. It has been my favorite mask for the past few days. Check out the Banana Republic collection and see if there is a True Hues hue that speaks to you!


Melinda Martin