I do in-house design at Nordstrom and I believe you’ll love these things this season


We routinely turn to Nordstrom to meet our purchasing needs. After all, the retailer carries a wide variety of pieces from some top brands. With this in mind, the lines that are part of the self-designed Nordstrom Made collections deserve special mention. The collections, including Treasure & Bond, Halogen and Zella, offer the latest in staples. Given the appeal of these brands, we recently shared a story with the items a Nordstrom Made designer coveted for fall.

We thought they might be interested in hearing from another Nordstrom designer. So we reached out to designer Sadie Tapper to share the items she loves, so you can, too. The pieces in question could all be a worthy addition to any winter wardrobe this season, or even serve as a gift idea for the holidays.

Without further ado, scroll down to see the winter staples that Tapper has to offer everything you can buy on the Nordstrom Made lines. There are tons of inspired shopping tips too.


Melinda Martin