I dry brushed my complete physique on daily basis for a month – right here's what occurred


How did you feel afterwards? What kind of changes did you notice?

Softer skin is an obvious side effect as I physically exfoliated my entire body on a daily basis. I'm not sure if it's detox but I will believe it! It did help with cellulite, but I have to admit mine was very minimal at first. I honestly don't think dry brushing is a magical cure for cellulite.

What do you like about it?

I enjoyed the feeling of filling my usual routine with this moment of self-care. There were days when I made a whole ritual out of it by putting on a face mask, slipping on my robe and slippers, enjoying a cup of warm lemon water, and even having my bathroom filled with steam before going in my showers after brushing with it a facial scrub and some luxury lotion after I wiped myself off. I've turned my home into a spa.

What did you hate

I hated that it was an extra step before showering. This may sound like a contradiction in terms of what I liked best, but while some days I loved that I was self-treating, there were definitely days when I just wanted to jump in the shower with no time to brush to use my dry body first.


Melinda Martin