I labored with a sustainable stylist to edit my closet – we added these 7 manufacturers


I know I am not alone in saying that I am determined to think more about what and where I shop, taking into account which brands I support and the impact my purchases are having on the environment and the industry as a whole . More than ever, I want to feel comfortable with my shopping opportunities.

To move more consciously, I sat down with someone who knows a lot about clothes that look as good as they feel. Enter Cassandra Dittmer. After working as a traditional celebrity stylist with Laura Dern, Bebe Rexha, Donald Glover, and others for nearly a decade, she's working with a larger number of clients to identify the values ​​they want to see in their clients' wardrobes ( AKA i).

Dittmer offers a range of styling services that range from sourcing specific items for their customers such as a new winter coat or dress for an upcoming event to a complete wardrobe overhaul. My work with her fell somewhere in the middle. We have created a sustainable digital boutique – basically a collection of items from the seven brands you will discover here that Dittmer selected for me based on things like my personal style and the values ​​I want to see in my wardrobe . I knew I wanted to focus on three things: sustainable manufacturing, ethical working conditions, and prioritizing black and female owned companies, all of which are on this list.

Not only are these additions moving my wardrobe in a more thoughtful direction, but each one is an exciting new brand to me that I just can't keep to myself. Find out in advance what makes each label exciting for a sustainable stylist like Dittmer and purchase my selections from them.


Melinda Martin