I like luggage and so do my CEO pal – these are the types that make us work


Fun fact: I love bags. While I usually stick to a simpler uniform on a day-to-day basis (usually a black sweater, jeans, leather jacket, and sneakers), I like to bring them into my bag selection to make my outfits feel so much more special. And to be honest, the silhouettes I crave range from affordable trend picks to purchases from investment designers. Given my love of bags, I'm always ready to chat about the latest handbags at any time of the day. I'm not alone in that either. My friend Amber Richele, a San Francisco-based visual merchandiser and CEO and designer of her own namesake label, is also on my level. In fact, Richele loves her bags so much that she nicknames them (which I might start off with).

Yes, if you looked at our DMs (some of which were shared above) I would say that 95% of our chats are about bags – either styles we both recently bought, what we love, or on the silhouettes we've been saving for. With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to share with you a list of the investment pockets that both Richele and I are feeling right now.

In the following, you will first uncover the bags that Richele has invested in and that have high costs per wear when you want to invest in something. Then I share other silhouettes that I also get involved with. With that in mind, keep scrolling for some handbag inspection fun.


Melinda Martin