I like style and have a incapacity – that's what I search for once I store


To involve the fashion industry:

"I think people want to see each other in content. They don't want people to feel forgotten. A billion people worldwide have a disability. Anyone can go outside and be disabled in a second. You can have an accident and you can Whole life can change. My case is my case, but my case is not every case. Many fashion brands have worked with disabled models. This is a good start. You can see their disability visibly. So many people are invisible disabilities, that's why let's talk to them too. "

"Everything starts with storytelling. Nobody can tell this story better than this person. I know that my condition is not always visible or obvious, which has sometimes made it difficult for me to understand and explain to others. This is a Part of the need to remove the stigma associated with discussing disabilities. We don't need pity, we want progress. I have a seemingly normal life, but there are hidden struggles. "

“And to agree that history isn't always beautiful. It's hard in fashion. We've held onto these ideals of beauty for so long. That measure of what femininity is and that is what beauty is, maybe is it doesn't. I even have options. I'm even thinking of some of the beauty items I have. I can & # 39;Do not use it and open the bottle. My friend has to open it for me. What if I want to use a vitamin C serum and find it difficult to open it? "


Melinda Martin