I lived in Paris for 3 months and learned to dress like the French


Right after college, I found an apartment in the Marais and spent a summer in town. During those three months I really absorbed everything about Paris and its people – and it had a huge impact on me. One of the greatest avenues was fashion.

In Paris, I decided to pursue a career in fashion. After seeing the editors and models revolving around Fashion Week, I knew I wanted to be a part of it all (more on that here). But beyond that, it was French street style and fashion lessons that I learned from real Parisian women that really impressed me. A lot of these takeaways – like buying fewer and smarter ones – are things I’ve put into practice since my time there that make me feel increasingly stylish. I collapse in front of me as I have learned to dress like the French, even when I’m far from Paris.


Melinda Martin