I observe yoga 7 instances every week – these are the yoga bras I put on for repetitions


When you practice yoga, wearing a comfortable and supportive outfit is key so that you can flow seamlessly and harmoniously through your poses. I honestly never thought too much about my sports outfits until I started doing yoga again a few months ago and realized how uncomfortable I felt in my sports bra! (Not the most comfortable way to endure an hour of intense poses). So today I wanted to meet some of the best Yoga bras out there to make us feel comfortable and supported (and still look stylish) so that we can reap all of the physical and mental benefits that yoga has to offer.

To get more insight, I reached out to New York based yoga teacher Phyllicia Bonanno, who practices yoga seven days a week – sometimes with longer flows and sometimes with meditation or breathing exercises. "Yoga is part of my daily life and integrated into everything I do," explains Bonanno. Just one look at her Instagram and it will get you grabbed for the mat and flexed asap! Below she shares some of her all-time favorite yoga bras that are not only great for yoga but also super stylish. Read on to get inspiration and make your choices.


Melinda Martin