I ordered three fundamentals from Amazon for underneath $ 50 on a whim – right here is my trustworthy overview


Ordering basics on Amazon isn't easy when it comes to shopping. The options are huge and things can get overwhelming quickly, but I'm here to help. My # 1 tip is to narrow down the offers for Amazon Fashion's own brands. A lot of its brands are basics-heavy brands, and in my experience the quality is surprisingly good given the price.

While browsing Amazon Fashion recently, on one of the first crisp autumn days of the year, I added three basics that caught my eye: a fluffy gray sweater, dark washed straight leg jeans, and a thick fleece sweater that looks like something I do (in a good way) stole from my husband's closet. When they got to my doorstep two days later I was so pleased with my purchases that I decided to leave some reviews. Keep scrolling for my unfiltered thoughts on the items and shop for them yourself.


Melinda Martin