I personal over 50 sun shades, however I at all times come again to those blacks


Few accessories can compete with the subtle coolness of black sunglasses. With almost everyone fully focused on the minimalist basics in their closets, the black sunglasses were a hero piece to draw otherwise boring glances to those who purposely feel minimal. While this isn't a categorical trend, I've certainly noticed a surge in the way fashion girls are using them to add interest to outfits like a tracksuit and coat combination. As a sunglasses enthusiast, my collection accidentally expanded to over 50 pairs (some gifts and some memorabilia from previous trips), but black sunglasses are the ones I get the most out of. They're timeless and cool, yet still have an elegant Jackie O quality (especially if you're oversized).

You may have a few in your drawer right now, but given the number of unusual shapes and silhouettes on the market, there is always room for experimentation. Whether a specific budget is the goal or you're ready to invest in a pair that will last forever, keep scrolling to find your new outfit buddy.


Melinda Martin