I purchase these web sites from my sofa after I want one thing on the final minute


No matter how hard I work to make sure I'm always prepared for what life throws at me (at least in terms of fashion), there are always times when I realize I need something that I don't have. But I'm also an online shopping fan who doesn't like visiting brick and mortar stores. For these reasons, over the years I've figured out which sites won't let me down when I need something – and quickly. I'm talking about great selection, fast and affordable shipping, and great customer service.

After moving from the West Coast to the East Coast a few years ago, I found that some of the locations I relied on for fast shipping have changed due to the shipping method. (Not that that prevents me from ordering from them; I just have to plan a little more ahead.)

Are you ready to bookmark these sites the next time you're in a wardrobe-triggered panic? Keep scrolling for my recommendations and purchase my current picks from anyone.


Melinda Martin