I requested vogue ladies learn how to do my nails this winter – that's what they mentioned


Winter can be a bummer of a season. Once the holidays come and go, things can seem a bit boring. The season might not be freezing (depending on where you live) and not as exciting as the carefree sister summer, but it still has its pros. First of all, it's the coziest season of the year! Second, the fashion is just amazing – boots, coats, hats, etc. And while we may not wear all of those things as we spend more time at home, tracksuits have become really chic these days. After all, I think it's the perfect time of year to experiment.

Experiment you say Yes! Since winter coincides with the new year, we're all there to try new things, right? This year I'm looking forward to mixing up my beauty routine and I've decided to start with something that isn't as drastic as a new haircut or dye job, but that's still different: my nails. I rarely paint them and I'm pretty indifferent, but with a little more time in my hands (pun sincerely not intended) I'll pamper my nails a bit more in 2021.

To help, I asked a few fashion girls and nail artists to keep me updated on all winter nail trends. Here is the ball.


Melinda Martin