I simply learn by means of a ton of critiques, these are your greatest Prime Day bets


One of the biggest shopping events of the year is officially here. That's right. Amazon Prime Day is in full swing. In fact, I've just given a rundown of some of the premium fashion purchases available among all of the listings. I also thought I'd go a step further here and share a breakdown of the most sought after items that are not only A + in terms of style and discount offered, but also stand out in terms of their positive customer reviews.

Yes, I read a ton of reviews of some of the fashion pieces that were on sale during Prime Day to uncover the purchases that matter. I'm talking about articles with more than four stars and more. Keep scrolling to see top notch tops, jeans, sweaters, and more. I've also included a customer testimonial for each item to make each item stand out even more.


Melinda Martin