I solely put on high-waisted leggings – these are my favorites


Whether or not you exercise regularly, leggings are a tried and tested item of clothing that never goes out of style. These versatile pants are a must-have for running errands, drinking coffee, lounging around the house, and most importantly, weathering nearly a year of quarantine.

But like my denim preference, I pretty much only wear high-waisted leggings. Not only is this cut universally flattering, but high-waisted leggings go well with anything that's tailored – including sweatshirts, workout t-shirts, and jackets. Even if crop tops aren't part of your wardrobe, the high-waisted silhouette just feels more comfortable, safer, and strangely natural when compared to low styles – there's a reason high-waisted trousers are making such a profound 21st century comeback.

First of all, we've rounded up the best high-waisted leggings on the internet. Bonus: you can grab them all on Amazon.


Melinda Martin