I used to be a stylist for a luxurious division retailer. Listed here are my spring buying suggestions


Whenever personal stylist and branding consultant Amanda Murray shows up on my Instagram feed, it’s not just an outfit photo, it’s an event. As an editor, it’s my job to keep track of what stylish people around the world are wearing. So it’s safe to say that I see my fair share of daily outfit pictures. Murray stands out from the crowd, however: when she posts a picture you can be sure that it will be nothing short of a look.

The London-bred New Yorker worked for years as a stylist for the legendary Barneys department store, which is why her wardrobe is filled with first-class items. The thought of treating designer fashion like precious artifacts isn’t a concept you’ll find in the stylist’s feed. For Murray, fashion should be worn. Sometimes that means running errands in a Rick Owens coat or head-to-toe breakfast at Dries Van Noten. Personally, I’ve never thought about ready-made Prada that would be suitable for my lunch trips to the bodega, but I feel like I’m influenced.

What I respect most about Murray’s style is that she knows what she likes and doesn’t deviate from her own unique tastes – with Dries Van Noten (she likes to call the designer Papa Dries) and Prada among two of the brands you recognize can in most. To shed some light on what trends and items to watch for this season, I asked Murray to look through her spring shopping list. Just a fair warning, you should bookmark these tips for later. Read on to see them all along with more outfit inspos as designed by Murray.


Melinda Martin