I Was An NYC Commuter for 10 Years, These Boots By no means Failed Me


As a tried and true New Yorker, I can definitively say that the ultimate litmus test for boots is a winter spent commuting around the city. It’s no easy feat: only the strong can survive piles of salt drenched pavement, sporadic puddles of questionable melted ice, and the friction of metal from the subway stairs. How many times have you ordered a pair of gorgeous black boots in September, only to have them crumble by December? Until I found my go-to styles and brands, for me, that was an embarrassingly high number. 

Before the days of quarantine life, the problem was compounded even more by daily commutes from showroom to showroom for editor appointments and weekly nighttime events. There was also the struggle of striking the delicate balance between shoes nice enough for morning meetings, and ones tough enough to meet the walking demands of the day. After lots of money spent and pseudo-scientific experiments on the streets, I’ve finally found the boots that rise to the challenge. Ahead, my favorite foot-friendly holy grail boots that can take the heat of the most strenuous days spent on your feet. 





Melinda Martin