I'll put it merely: this development can finish skinny lederhosen as we all know them


Lederhosen have always been a winter staple in my book. I can't see myself going through the season without at least one pair, which I usually choose instead of jeans. This winter is no different, but instead of the skinny lederhosen and leather leggings that used to be the standard, there's a new style in the mix that threatens to topple the skinnies as we know them. The rising trend I'm referring to is leather pants.

In general, pants are currently leaning towards the more relaxed end of the style spectrum, with wide-leg jeans and casual pants dominating – and lederhosen are no exception. In particular, I'm seeing an increase in wide leg fits and jeans that feel just right for the time we're in. It's not just me, however – dozens of influencers have experimented with the trend, with plenty of options to choose from when shopping too.

My personal favorite way of styling them is with a boxy blazer, turtleneck, and retro sneakers, but the women on Instagram have so many more ideas. Check out the best lederhosen outfits that define the lederhosen trend (and shop for my favorite pairs).


Melinda Martin