I’m 55 years outdated and my daughter is 23 years outdated. These handy 2021 gadgets will work for everybody


Influencer Melissa Meyers and her daughter Rachel Meyers know what's going on in the style department. Of course, we routinely reach out to the duo for fashion inspiration. You may remember this piece showing off the shoe silhouettes that both of them love. With that in mind, while age has absolutely nothing to do with what you should or shouldn't wear, her fashion perspective at 55 and 23 is always fascinating as both share similar clothing items.

With that in mind, we thought we'd next ask you to share the comfortable 2021 trends that you both love and that work well for everyone because of their cozy and eclectic nature. After all, these comfy items are a must-have as we spend more time at home.

Keep scrolling to see a few convenient items you might want to consider this year, including a range of visual and shopping tips.


Melinda Martin