I'm a frequent Nordstrom purchaser – these 30 Winter Fundamentals are legit


Here's no shock to anyone: I'm a frequent Nordstrom buyer. During my weekly – often daily – visits to the retailer's website to look for products to include in my stories (or even indulge in), I became familiar with wardrobe basics. I want to add that I'm so well known that I'm more likely to pick favorites. That's why I've decided to put all of my knowledge about the best Nordstrom winters in the world right now into this summary. No wonder they have all been highly rated by Nordstrom buyers, which proves that they are really very versatile and most importantly, affordable.

Based on what I learned, I thought it foolish not to share these popular pieces with you. You may even recognize some of the T-shirts, sweaters and jeans you see here, since I also have the information that many WWW readers have also bought. The order histories and amazing reviews don't lie. These 30 foundations are legitimate. But don't just take my word for it – scroll through the list below to discover them all, then click in to read the reviews. Maybe you are so inclined to place an order. Have fun scrolling (and shopping)!


Melinda Martin