I’m a professional shopper – these are the only summer shoe trends worth buying


Former Nordstrom shopper and style expert who our readers just can’t get enough of – Susie Wright – is back. We talked to Wright at this point about seemingly everything under the sun, from the details of her latest closet cleaning to her best wardrobe basics ever. And now that everyone is talking about summer, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let her brain know about the summer shoe trends she’s prioritizing for a chic wardrobe this year.

With Wright being a professional shopper with a lot of Nordstrom know-how, and with our own Who What Wear label featured on shoes and bags at the retailer’s, it would be stupid if we passed the opportunity to highlight how Wright would buy our shoe processing. Sure, we might have designed these styles to be quite stylish, but we thought you might be interested in learning more about the styles that Wright believes are time-honored heroes of the summer wardrobe.

Keep checking out the six summer shoe trends she personally supports and shop for styles from our line using Wright’s own styling ideas.


Melinda Martin