I'm a trend editor, and these are the underneath $ 50 Zara gadgets I’d purchase


To be honest, I get angry (relatively speaking) at times when I go to Zara's website to write a piece and find out that there are seemingly thousands of brand new comers that I can only spend the next 20 minutes flipping through. But shopping is my job, so I always go in search of all those hidden gems that are worth the attention of our Zara-loving readers.

It always shocks and surprises me how many outstanding pieces under $ 50 Zara always has in stock, and these are often the ones I buy (because of the cheaper thrills). In the current inventory I found leather sandals that made my jaw drop, tons of specialty clothes, expensive looking accessories, and much more. So before you fall into a Zara rabbit hole, scroll through this story to buy the under $ 50 Zara pieces I was about to buy.


Melinda Martin